Create a professional-grade diet chart you can actually follow

Right now, we have only the bengali diet chart, but more will follow!

Why us

We have blended current nutrition science with cutting edge AI

We are the most scientific and personalized DIY diet chart creation platform the considers all of your goal, health parameters and current food habits to create a custom Diet chart made only for you.

Loose or gain weight as per your chosen timeframe

Adjust based on comorbidities such as diabetes or kidney issue

Fully scientific, based on latest nutrition science and society guidelines

Most powerful diet optimization

Our AI optimizes the followings in every diet charts

Meet calorie requirement

On average, maintain the target macro ratio.

Minimum deviation from food group balance

Optimize vitamins , minerals and antioxidants

Limit harmful substances like saturated fat within limits as much as possible.

Recommendation to improve the diet further as per deficits that could not be covered.

Personalized and flexible interface

Set calorie

Set calorie requirement as per your weight loss (or gain) goal and target time-frame

Set macro ratio

Adjust macro-ratio (totally flexible) or choose from pre-set configurations like keto or mediterranean.

Food suggestion

Food suggestion based on your goal, co-morbidities and health prediction.

Total flexibility

Complete freedom on which foods to include. We will only adjust the amount.

Your food habit

Follow your own diet pattern (like bread in breakfast) and let us tweak from there.

Custom optimization

Most important vitamins and minerals for you are optimized first.


Frequently Asked Questions

For now, it is completely free. We are planning to keep atleast some basic version free forever.

Right now, we have started with bengali cuisines as our home town is Kolkata. However, we will soon include other cuisines as well. Let us know what do you want us to work on next ?

When we will launch the app, there will be a section from which you will be upload a new food or recipe.

We are yet to launch an android or IOS app. It might take a couple of months to do so.

We are working on making a professional version available very soon.For any specific request, please send me a personal email here.

We are working on making an API available for developers. For any specific request, please send me a personal email here.